Worship Music Lessons - Learn, Apply, Worship

Have you always wanted to sit down at the piano and just play and sing your favorite worship song? Would you like to be able to play on your church's worship team? Do you feel intimated or just down right board with learning traditional piano methods?

Let’s think outside the box! Let’s forget reading notes on a staff. We’re going to learn to play with CHORD PATTERNS. You'll be playing your favorite worship songs in no time at all and be able to apply these same patterns to hundreds of others songs. 

Perfect for homeschoolers, those who would like to participate in their church's worship team or anyone who would enjoy playing and singing worship. Ages 9-99.

If you have a desire to learn, then you can play piano. Don’t let preconceived ideas about learning piano hold you back. While others may tell you that it takes years to learn, I say YOU CAN LEARN NOW, because ANYONE CAN PLAY PIANO!

I started teaching piano with chords and patterns to my daughter, Avalon, in February of 2010.  Here she is at age 11 leading worship with me on piano and voice on January 20, 2012. -Golden, Music Instructor